Day 1

Day 2

Day 5

Day 7

Day 10

Consultation - Postoperative abdominal girdle placement; Sit on your thighs NOT on your buttocks. Sleeping on your back with two pillows behind your head and below your knees, Shower, Walk flexed 10 degrees, carry or physical efforts allow.

Consultation and removal drain from abdomen region.

Consultation - Start of radiofrequency or body pressure therapy. Removals of micro pore tape from the wound. Waking flexed 5 degrees. Start driving. Removal of bandages on arms and legs. Finish taking anti-inflammatory medicine, analgesics and antibiotics.

Start of work activities

Inicio de actividades laborales.

Consulta —  Inicio de radiofrecuencia y/o preso terapia corporal. Retiro de cinta de micro pore de la herida.Deambulación flexionada 5 grados. Inicio de manejo. Retiro de vendaje en brazos y piernas. Termina de ingerir medicamentos anti inflamatorios, analgésicos y antibióticos.

Consulta —  Retiro de drenaje de región de abdomen.

Consulta — Colocación de faja abdominal postoperatorio; sentarse sobre los muslos NO sobre los glúteos.Dormir boca arriba con dos almohadas detrás de la cabeza y debajo de las rodillas, Ducha, Deambulación flexionada 10 grados.Cargar o esfuerzo físico.

Día 10

Día 7

Día 5

Día 2

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Day 14

Consultation - Start of physical activities. The gluteal region can be used when sitting. Second withdrawal of micro pore from the wound - Normal walking. Sleep sideways.

Day 21

Day 28

Day 60


Sleeping completely stretched, Start of use of the gel for scar or Biodermis plate.

Consultation - Cardiovascular exercise. Carry no more than 12 kilograms. Start of smoking and alcohol beverages.

Exercise with weight - Stop using abdominal girdle, sleep face down - Direct exposure to the sun without the wound. (Beach)