Liposuction or lipoplasty thins and redefines specific areas of the body through the removal of deposits of fat excess, improving proportions and body contour. It is a procedure that can be associated with any other; however, it is more popular along with the tummy tuck and most of the time transfers the fat to another region (gluteus, calves, pectorals, deltoids, face).




These procedures are carried out with the help of specialized medical devices that assist through their technology in the effective removal of fat. It is used either a device that mechanically helps the removal of fat in a faster and traumatically, a beam of light to liquefy the fat through heat or through vibrations that release the gauze to be subsequently sucked. These methods allow us to make more advanced modifications in the patient such as body marking or improve the quality of skin healing, causing greater retraction during recovery.



Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids, functional problems, and even rejuvenation of the periocular region. Skin excess can distort both the physical appearance of the eyelid and the visual field. Deposits of fat bags, drooping lower eyelids that expose the white part under the iris more than normal and skin excess such as fine wrinkles of the eyelids are corrected in the same procedure.



Rhinoplasty embellishes facial harmony and improves the proportions of the nose in relation to the face. During the same procedure, respiratory corrections may be carried out secondary to structural defects (sequelae of nasal trauma, septal deviation, valvular collapse, turbinates hypertrophy).

The surgery restores facial proportions, improves the back, width and position of the nostrils, gibas, tip of nose - fall, round, square, nostrils with asymmetry.



It is a surgical procedure that defines the chin either increase, using an implant or bone reduction. The proportions of the face are enhanced by accentuating its harmony and chin / jaw / cheek / forehead balance. It is strongly associated with nose surgery.



Ear reshaping or Otoplasty improves the shape, position and proportion of the external ear. Birth defects that become more apparent during the development of the baby and will have a long-term impact on their self-esteem are corrected. The most common pathologies are the prominent ear, macrotia or ear injuries.



Face lift or Rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure that improves the visible signs of aging of the face and neck. For example: loss of elasticity resulting in tissue fall, more prominent grooves, loss of face volume, presence of "puppets", skin excess on face and neck with double chin. This surgery does not stop the aging process, but it does restore the youth of the face and neck. It is associated with another face procedure, such as eyelid and brow surgery or rhinoplasty.



The surgery removes excess fat and skin and restores the loose and separated abdominal muscles obtaining a firmer abdominal silhouette. A well-toned flat abdomen should be obtained. The most common causes are aging, hereditary factors, pregnancies, previous abdominal surgery, significant fluctuations in weight. The surgery does not correct the stretch marks, but they are removed if they are inside the area of skin to be discarded.


Surgery reduces the size of the breast in male patients resulting in a flat thorax and re-lifting of the breast contour. In most cases, only the excision of the mammary gland with liposuction is performed, but there are cases in which it is necessary to excise the skin excess and repositioning the nipple.



Involves two procedures in which through minimal incisions we perform the cutting of the accessory and suspensory ligaments of the penis to allow the "sliding" of the internal portion of the penis. The thickening is carried out jointly with the fat of the same patient or using a dermal cell matrix. They are obtained between 3 to 5.5 cm long and 4.5 cm thick increase in size according to their circumference.